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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Nov 2014 Number 352

Welcome to the Laws Family Register. 

Below I list a selection of my records automatically extracted from my database today.

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In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.


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Extracted from our database for Dec 02

Family Events
1662 - Will Proved: Henry LAWES (Composer) -1226, 
1691 - Christening: Ann LAWES-59791, Norwich NFK UK
1793 - Marriage: Stephen LAWES (Horse Dealer) -158 and Elizabeth SMALL-159, Basingstoke                  HAM UK
1798 - Birth: Thomas LAWES-54143, Allington, Chippenham WIL UK
1821 - Marriage: William LAWS (Ropemaker) -40104 and Jane BURROWS-47455, Bermondsey                SRY UK
1835 - Birth: George LAWS-8820, 24 Upper Denburn Old Machar ABD UK
1840 - Death: David LAWS-34939, Wilkes County NC USA
1844 - Birth: Mary Ann LAWS-91402, Chatteris CAM UK
1848 - Marriage: Thomas Jerimiah LAWS (Ag Lab) -45914 and Esther DEAL (Servant) -45915,                  Swingfield KEN UK
1851 - Birth: Edward Samuel Deverell LAWS-56520, 
1851 - Birth: John Eden Parker LAWS (Farmer) -56510, Quebec CANADA
1855 - Birth: George John LAWS (Brush Finnisher) -117481, Stepney MDX UK
1855 - Birth: Georgiana LAWES (Spinster) -397, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK
1860 - Baptism: Rosabelle LAWS-123431, Stepney MDX UK
1862 - Occupation: Thomas LAWS (Steerage Steward between 1859-1863 on SS.Wonga Wonga) -51774, 

1864 - Birth: Elizabeth A LAWS-BENNETT-41507, 
1864 - Birth: Elizabeth Ann LAWS-9427, IRELAND
1871 - Death: Frederick Joseph LAWS (Master's Mate 85100) -5104, At sea
1877 - Death: William LAWS (Mariner) -117828, Rochester KEN UK
1878 - Birth: Henrietta Willermena LAWS-56513, Gaspe, Quebec CANADA
1878 - Will  Proved: John LAWS (Manager of Cement Works) -7787, 
1882 - Miscellaneous: Florence LAWS (Spinster living on own means) -4845, 
1882 - Miscellaneous: John Parry LAWS (Schools Inspector) -4844, 
1882 - Will  Proved: Joseph Christopher LAWS (Engineer Elect.CAM / Telegraph / Widower)                      -4841, 
1889 - Death: Harry James LAWES (Commercial Traveller) -264, St GHS MDX UK or  Forest Hill              KEN UK
1894 - Baptism: Matthew LAWS-54780, Bedlington NBL UK
1895 - Will  Proved: John LAWS-7872, 
1903 - Birth: Alonzo Mason LAWS-45807, MA USA
1906 - Birth: Oliver LAWS-119364, San Francisco CA USA
1907 - Birth: Thilma LAWS (Infant) -48173, Cabool, Texas Co MO USA
1909 - Birth: Reuben LAWS-52118, 
1912 - Birth: Thelma Rose LAWS-43852, Martin Street, Rookwood (Lidcombe) NSW Australia
1912 - Birth: Evelyn I LAWS-31960, Neodesha KS USA
1917 - Birth: Albert Henry LAWS-122691, Nottingham NTT UK
1917 - Death: Ernest Edward LAWS (ARMY Private 33424) -45058, 
1920 - Birth: Stanley John LAWS-119152, 
1921 - Birth: Allen Charles LAWES (Australian Army) -32385, Scotsdale TASMANIA
1936 - Birth: Darlene Kethryn LAWS-124622, Salt Lake City UT USA
1936 - Death: Lewis Alfred LAWS (Electrical engineer) -3659, New Copse, Medstead HAM UK
1939 - Birth: Brenda Maureen LAWS-119161, 
1950 - Birth: Alan LAWS-53903, Morpeth NBL UK
1952 - Death: Alan Walter LAWS-3708, Horsford NFK UK
1954 - Birth: Carol Ann LAWES (Nurse) -514, Bournemouth HAM UK
Bournemouth HAM

1956 - Birth: Dianna Beth LAWS-40387, TX
1964 - Death: Sybil Irene LAWS-117981, Stamford LIN UK
1964 - Death: Charles Hebron LAWES-124125, Sherringham NFK UK
1964 - Birth: Charles Keith LAWS-40468, TX
1964 - Death: Charles Robert LAWS (PVT US Army) -37914, 
1978 - Death: William Eric LAWES(Consultant Anaesthetist)-32927, Wadhurst KEN UK
1980 - Birth: Ted LAWS-40662, TX USA
1981 - Death: Frank Wesley LAWS (Australian Army Sapper) -42479, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1983 - Death: Bernard Oswald LAWS (Farmer) -3488, Mooroopna VIC
2001 - Burial: Janat LAWS-41430, Kanab UT
2009 - Death: Paul LAWS-115177, Weston Super Mare SOM

1790 - Birth: John LANEHAM-32273, Bishopstone by Salisbury WIL UK
1806 - Baptism: Benjamin SEXTON-33844, Frettingham NFK UK
1812 - Christen: Helen SEPPINGS-122570, Chatham KEN UK
1878 - Miscellaneous: Marian FORSYTH (Widow Independent means) -7876, 
1883 - Death: Elizabeth BREEZE (Miller) -5416, Beccles SFK UK
1947 - Death: William Broadus WOOLFOLK-121402, Maddison County TN USA
1967 - Death: Walter Edward DELANO-45406, 
1969 - Birth: Amanda Louise GIBB (Company Director) -46430,