Monday, July 29, 2013

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 29 Jul

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 29 Jul

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Born Today  29 Jul


1756 Robert Laws at Necton NFK
1845 William Albert Laws at Stepney MDX
1857 Isabella Laws at South Creake NFK
1881 Frederick Harry Laws at Litcham NFK
1890 James Albert Laws at NC USA
1891 James Laws (Army Private 1073) at West Sleekburn NBL
1893 John Bailey Laws Junior at Cooper, Delta Co TX USA
1901 Maggie Lavinia Laws at Sproughton SFK
1926 George Laws (RAF Driver) at Newcastle upon Tyne NBL
1958 Stephen Dexter Laws in FL USA


1822 Jane Laws at Glasgow LNK

MARRIED Today  29 Jul


1790 John Laws married Sarah Page at Newington next Hythe KEN
1865 Edward Laws married Annie Maria Porter at Methwold NFK
1905 Mary Lizzie Laws married to James Cummings at Hylton DUR
1943 William J Laws (US Air Force) married Emma F Lancaster
1961 Douglas Walter Laws married Jean Margaret Thompson Downie at Wallongong NSW Australia
1972 Genoa Laws married James P Byrd at Morgan Co KY USA
1984 Jean Bachelor Morris Laws married James Ronald Sellars at Lemon Springs, Lee Co NC USA

DEATHS Today  29 Jul


1998 Omer E Lawes at IL NUSA


1864 George Laws (Mine Deputy) at Murton DUR
1942 Thomas Henry Laws at Aston WAR UK
1984 Kim William Laws at Denman NSW Australia
1999 Jade Laws at Salt Lake City UT USA
1999 Lexi Laws ar AR USA

MISC Today  29 Jul

Born today

1890 Christina Woodall, wife of William St.Clair Laws
1920 Lucy Ethel Webb, wife of Johgn Robert Laws (S2 in US Navy) at Mountain City TN USA
1921 Irene Bennett, wife of Stanley Laws at Newcastle upon Tyne NBL
1977 Shirley Ann Dempsey, wife of Michael Rodney Laws 

Died today

1935 John George Greenwood Bennett husband of Elizabeth Ann Laws at Malad, Oneida, Idaho, United States
1941 Alice L Jackson wife of Laws at Los Angeles CA USA
1949 Beryl, wife of Leslie George Lawes at Old Basing HAM
1958 William H Payne husband of Eliza Mary Eleanor Laws at Grafton NSW Australia
1997 L Ruth, wife of Bert N Laws (PFC US Army)
2010 Helen India Ingram wife of Laws at Hampton TN USA