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From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 12 July

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 12 July

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Born Today12 July


1919 Joseph T Lawes (Cpl US Army)
1926 Iris Hazel Lawes
1968 Darren George Lawes (Company Director) at Kingston-Upon-Hull ERY
1968 Darren Martin  Lawes (Company Director)
2006 Thomas Ashley Lawes  at Yeovil SOM

1667 James Robert Laws at Jewett, Cumberland Co IL USA
1776 Jerimiah Laws at Harroldburg, Mercer Co, KY USA
1860 Josephus Laws at Carrol Co TN  USA
1876 Frank John Laws (Stationer) at Islington MDX
1883 Charles Laws (Farmer) at Chatteris CAM
1886 Annie Louisa Mary Elizabeth Laws at Folkestone KEN
1891 Goethe Grecian Laws at Caroll Co TN USA
1896 Ernest Laws (Australian Army N282437) at Mackay QLD AUSTRALIA
1912 Austin Laws
1912 Sidney John Laws
1913 Francis George Ryland Laws (Company Director) at Lewisham KEN
1913 Fred Laws
1914 Annie Isobel Laws at Borough SRY
1918 Richard Ernest Laws
1943 Jonnie Laws (Blues Singer) at Chicargo IL USA
1947 Rosalind Annette Laws
1954 Sandra Janice Laws TX USA
1965 Sheri Lynne Laws at TX USA

MARRIED Today 12 July


1911 William Richardson Laws married to Nessy Caley at Aintree LAN

DEATHS Today 12 July


1931 James Laws at Roose ERY
1933 Fred Laws at Royal Infirmary Kingston Upon Hull ERY
1934 Thomas Henry Laws at Tyler Smith Co TX USA
1940 Thomas Joseph Laws at Plymouth DEV
1953 C Laws in Korea, Killed in Action 
1965 Abba Frances Laws, wife of Harry Roe
1971 Albert Laws at Campbell Co KY USA
1977 Martin Bernard Laws (ARMY Life Guards Trooper 24344842)
1986 Doris May Laws at Castle Hill NSW AUSTRALIA
1991 James Herberts Laws
1991 Mark Grant Laws at Sonoma, Tuolumne CA USA
2006 Robert E Laws

MISC Today 12 July

1843 Born todsy Jane March, wife of Martin Laws at Ryton DUR
1873 Born today Adeline South, wife of James John Laws at Leichhardt, Sydney,NSW Australia
1910 Born today Joseph Ripley husband of Elizabeth Sarah Laws at High Spen DUR
1911 Born today Florence wife of Lewis Lee Laws (MM3 US Navy)
1939 Born today Ian McDonald husband of Barbara Laws

1915 Died today Sarah Ann, wife of John Martin Laws (Railway Locomotive Driver) at Balne NRY
1953 Died today Fanny Eliza wife of John Laws at Watford HRT
1986 Died today Doris May Trenbath wife of Cecil Sydney Laws at Castle Hill, NSW Australia
1997 Died today Esther Helen Petrick wife of James Dee Laws at Hutingdon UT USA