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From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 1 July

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Born Today 1 July


1839 William George Lawes (Missionery) at Aldermaston BRK
1909 Eva Lawes
2004 Esme Lawes at Norwich NFK


1770 Matthew Laws at Ryton DUR
1886 Raymond Laws at Wareham DOR
1892 John Evans Laws (RN J1150) at Plaistow ESS
1914 Howard Glenfield Laws at Littleport CAM
1920 Maurice Jackson Laws (Australian Army NX93831) at Mildura NSW Australia
1928 Doreen Elsie Laws at Anlaby ERY
1943 Francis Hovison Laws III at Kleburg TX USA
1964 Terasa Gayle Laws in TX USA
1968 David Laws

MARRIED Today 1 July


1695 John Lawes married Mary Raben at Litchfield Cathedral STS
1838 John Thomas Lawes (Shepherd) married Elizabeth Anna Laneham at Bishopstone WIL
1841 Jane Turner Lawes married Thomas Draper at Marylebone MDX


1897 Swinburn J Laws married Frances Berg at Crown Point Lake Co IN USA
1922 Thomas George Laws married Florence Elaine Smead

DEATHS Today 1 July


1909 Thomas Charles Lawes at Greenland Dam, Kalkee. Horsham, VIC Australia
1950 Albert Lawes at the Middlesex Hospital London
1955 George John Lawes at Shooters Hill, London


1746 John Laws at Shotley Crofts DUR
1873 Alfred Laws at San Antonio TX USA

1916 Anthony Laws (ARMY Private 23/609) 9 btn NBL F Killed in Action on the Somme in France
1916 Isaac Laws (ARMY Private 20/1491) 9 btn NBL F Killed in action on the Somme in France
1916 John Laws (ARMY Private 20/1074 ) 9 btn NBL F Killed in action on the Somme in France
1916 Thomas Laws (ARMY Private 29/116) 9 btn NBL F Killed in action on the Somme in France

1916 Richard Laws (ARMY Private 30171) D LI  Killed in action on the Somme in France

1949 Lincoln Dahl Laws at Los Angles CA USA
1983 Alice Isabella Laws at Brisbane QLD Australia
1983 Helena Olga Marion Laws, wife of Alfred George James at Brisbane QLD Australia
2005 Lucy Betty "Betty" Laws, wife of Lawrence William Howard at North Belmont NSW Australia
2009 Eric Murray Laws at Harborough Magna WAR

MISC Today 1 July

1854 Birth of Mary J wife of John A Laws (Founderyman) at Amherst, Cumberland NS Canada
1898 Birth of Kate Joliffe wife of William Edward Laws (RN Petty Officer Clerk M3041)
1916 Birth of William Hughes, husband of Elsie May Laws at West Derby LAN
1920 Birth of Vera Marjorie Kelloway wife of John Frederick Lawes at Sturminster DOR
1922 Birth of Melba May Kirkham ,wife of Loren Kenneth Laws at Garland Box Elder UT USA

1890 Death of Mary Elizabeth Madison, wife of James Guess Laws at Marshall, Calhoun MI USA
1944 Death of Rose Alice "Rosina" Dunkason, wife of Robert William Laws in Fulham MDX
1949 Death of Frances, wife of William Temperley Laws (Mercantile Clerk) at Ponteland NBL
1977 Death of Emma Smith, wife of Edmund William Laws at Sydney NSW Australia