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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 

Family Events for today 16th April  We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy -we are not showing births after 1920 or marriages after 1940 If you are looking for folk after these dates, you should join the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER  

Family Events

1758 - Baptism: Jane CHARTERS-14232, Torpenhow CUL UK
1781 - Birth: Betsy LAWES-32550,
1789 - Birth: William LAWS-34591,
1803 - Marriage: William LAWES-1191 and Amy SPAUL-1216, Costessey NFK UK
1815 - Death: George (Miner) LAWS-17032, Heaton NBL UK
1825 - Marriage: David LAWS-19466 and Susan CLANTON-19467, Wilkes County NC
1836 - Marriage: Garson (Builders, Coal & General Mcht) BLAKE-3407 and Elizabeth Lovewell (Independent means) LAWS-3402, Gorleston on Sea SFK UK
1836 - Marriage: Garson (Builders, Coal & General Mcht) BLAKE-3407 and Elizabeth Lovewell (Independent means) LAWS-3402, Gorleston on Sea SFK UK
1841 - Birth: George (Coachman Dom) LAWS-4826, Hartburn NBL UK
1842 - Marriage: Samuel MOORE-8607 and Susan (Hand Loom Weaver) LAWS-8606, Norwich NFK UK
1842 - Marriage: John (Ag Lab) LAWS-2920 and Ann MARTIN-2934, Chatteris CAM UK
1846 - Baptism: Henry (Boot maker & Widower) LAWS-13218, Norwich NFK UK
1863 - Marriage: James (Labourer) FILBY-16191 and Jemima LAWS-5233, Market Weston SFK UK
1863 - Birth: John Alfred (Emigrated to Australia) LAWS-10878, Hainford NFK UK
1864 - Death: John (Ag Lab) LAWS-2918, Chatteris CAM UK
1875 - Birth: John Warriner (Blacksmith / Mechanic) CROSS-13040, Preston LAN UK
1875 - Birth: John Warriner (Blacksmith / Mechanic) CROSS-13040, Preston LAN UK
1880 - Birth: Joseph MCQUEEN-25300, Madison Co KY United States
1882 - Death: M L (Rev) LAWS-23540, Decatur IL USA
1883 - Birth: William Everett LAWS-35793, NC United States
1884 - Birth: Charles John LAWES-21187, Homington WIL UK
1884 - Burial: Elijah A LAWES-10185, Booton NFK UK
1889 - Birth: Edith Daisey LAWS-12020, Folkestone KEN UK
1892 - Birth: Arthur R (Road Transpoty goods Checker) LAWS-42242,
1898 - Birth: Frederick George  ( Quarryman) LAWS-5039, Great Chart KEN UK
1899 - Marriage: F E LAWS-23264 and Flora BARNETT-23265,
1899 - Birth: James Robert (Seaman) LAWS-31731, East Ham ESS UK
1900 - Birth: James MALCOLME-LAWES-37031,
1904 - Death: Alice Thompson LAWS-3867,
1906 - Death: Robert (Miner) LAWS-38723, Rush, Centre, PA USA
1907 - Birth: John Frederick Renshaw (Australian Army NX42251) LAWES-12975, Petersham NSW AUSTRALIA
1908 - Death: George (Farmer 66 Acres) LAWS-6104, Ramsey HUN
1912 - Birth: John Woodford LAWES-35894,
1914 - Birth: Donald E (Carpenter) LAWS-42239,
1915 - Enlistment: Charles William Kipling (Company Director) LAWS-28785,
1915 - Birth: William George LAWES-27709, Edgware MDX UK
1917 - Birth: Austin Merle (Australian Army) LAWES-12964, Adelaide SA AUSTRALIA
1918 - Death: V J (ARMY Private 270096) LAWES-22234,
1919 - Marriage: James H LAWS-12251 and Lilian Frances HILL-12252, Washington, Daviess IN
1920 - Birth: Dorethy H LAWS-20497,
1922 - Birth: Harvey (PVT US Army) LAWS-16713,
1924 - Birth: Donald Frank LAWS-36128, Great Yarmouth NFK UK
1925 - Marriage: William TOWARD-21159 and Ellen LAWS-21158, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK
1928 - Departure: Mary (Hardware Saleslady) SWOFORD-41568, San Francisco CA USA
1928 - Departure: Claude Douglas (Machine Parts Salesman) LAWES-41560, San Francisco CA USA
1928 - Death: Elizabeth LAWS-34521, Ryton DUR UK
1929 - Death: Harriet Ann CRAW-6699, Rogue River OR
1932 - Marriage: Wesker Esker BECKHAM-16455 and Florence Ethel LAWS-11155, Lovington, Lea Co, NM
1935 - Birth: Joan LAWS-42517,
1937 - Birth: Anthony Roger J LAWES-37772, St Marylebone MDX UK
1937 - Birth: Anthony Roger Joseph (Company Director) LAWS-23472,
1938 - Burial: Robert Bertram (Contractor) LAWS-8251, Stockton-On-Tees DUR UK
1960 - Birth: Mark GROOM-33740, SHS
1974 - Death: Gwendoline Annie GIBSON-14562, Begga NSW AUSTRALIA
1975 - Birth: Paul Adrian LAWS-24094, Bromley MDX UK
1978 - Death: Reginald Garrard (Australian Army) LAWS-12941, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1981 - Marriage: Charles M DANIEL-16264 and Mary L LAWS-16263, Spittalfields MDX UK
1986 - Marriage: Adrian M (Computer Analyst) DRAPER-26537 and Jacqueline Ann LAWES-26536, Rushcliffe NTT
1986 - Marriage: Ian (RAF Fight Engineer) LAWS-11085 and Cathy ???-11095, Bracknell BRK UK
1988 - Burial: Walter Thomas LAWS-41699,
1989 - Death: Edward SAUZER-22634, Saint Albans, Kanawha, WV, United States
1990 - Death: Eric Miller (Worker Game Keeper ) LAWS-21563, Goole NRY UK
1994 - Death: Eric M LAWS-36764,
1996 - Marriage: Alan MITCHELL-20065 and Valerie Patricia LAWES-20060, Haverigg CUL UK
1996 - Probate: Reginald LAWS-41116, Brighton SSX UK
1996 - Death: Alfred George Charles (Radio Coms Engineer) LAWS-33817, Pontypridd GLA UK
1998 - Death: Walter Thomas LAWS-41699, Alexandria VA USA
1999 - Burial: Doris M ???-16677, Denver CO USA
2000 - Burial: Rebecca Kate LAWS-12054, Falkner Green Memorial Park, VIC AUSTRALIA
2004 - Death: Keith George BURBRIDGE-38255,
2006 - Death: Brenda Isabel SUTHERLAND-22808, Cudjoy Key FL USA
2009 - Death: Norman James Herbert (Managing Director) LAWS-24212,
2012 - Birth: Xanthin LAWS-39366, Warwick, QLD Australia


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