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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 

Family Events for today 16th April  We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy -we are not showing births after 1920 or marriages after 1940 If you are looking for folk after these dates, you should join the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER  

Family Events
1602 - Birth: William LAWES (Musician & Cavalier) -1166, The Close Salisbury WIL UK

1664 - Baptism: Ann LAWES-2758, Tynemouth NBL UK

1795 - Marriage: Clement LAWS-5236 and Mary RUDD-5237, Saham Toney NFK UK
1801 - Birth: Nathaniel Ford LAWS-36484,
1803 - Birth: Ebenezer LAWS-5176, Peterborough, Hillsborough NH USA
1804 - Marriage: James LAWES (Farmer) -266 and Jane CANNELL-267, Costessey NFK UK
1820 - Marriage: Henry LAWS (Ag Lab) -21305 and Jane BURROWS-21306, Litcham NFK UK

1838 - Birth: William  LAWS- (RN 75990) 24449, Titchfield HAM UK
1847 - Birth: Isabel LAWS-30368,
1851 - Burial: William LAWES-327,
1855 - Birth: William J LAWS-25135, Chicago IL USA
1862 - Death: Jane LAWES (Spinster) -1159, Bremerton WIL UK
1866 - Baptism: Jane Jennifer LAWS-8893, Stokesley NRY UK
1866 - Death: James Eastmure LAWS (Master Mariner & Ship Owner) -3399, Hoxton MDX UK
1867 - Occupation: Rebecca LAWS (Stewardess on Steamship) -27181,
1869 - Baptism: Frank Edgar LAWS (Accountant) -14860, Stoke Newington MDX UK
1875 - Burial: John LAWS-12993, Stoke Newington MDX UK
1880 - Marriage: John BROWN-13443 and Hannah  LAWS (Ag Lab)-13439, Chatteris CAM UK
1881 - Christen: Mary Elizabeth LAWS-5895, Hingham NFK UK
1881 - Birth: Mary Elizabeth LAWS-5895, Market Street, Hingham NFK
1889 - Marriage: Joseph LAWS-19827 and Margaret DODDS-19828, Logan, Cache Co UT USA 1892 - Baptism: John George LAWS-29047, Bedlington NBL UK
1897 - Marriage: Thomas Little LAWS (Coal Miner) -5938 and Sarah MURRAY-5941, Horton NBL
1915 - Birth: Joseph LAWS-28854, Blyth NBL UK
1915 - Burial: Stanley E LAWS-23079, Dutton Park, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1919 - Enlistment: Raymond Herbert LAWS (Canadian Army Private 2606303) -41675,
1921 - Marriage: Albert Frederick Horatio LAWS (Locomotive Driver London Tilbury & Southend               Railway) -23109 and Minnie Dorothy CHAPMAN-23110, Canning Town ESS UK
1930 - Marriage: Alva Lincoln LAWS-18079 and Ruth Elizabeth SCHOW-18084, Medford OR USA
1936 - Death: Harry Augustus LAWES (Commercial traveller) -250, Riddings DBY UK
1941 - Death: Wilfred LAWS-22702,
1952 - Death: Horace Harry LAWS (Steel Smelter) -3612,
1955 - Death: George Alfred LAWS (Army Private 12906) -9081, Shepherds Bush MDX UK
1969 - Will Proved: Owen Faulkner LAWES (Army Colonel) -26173,
1982 - Death: Frank Goodall LAWS-11516, Toowoomba, Warwick QLD AUSTRALIA
1991 - Death: Jean LAWS-22705, West Hartlepool DUR UK

1992 - Burial: Earl C  LAWS (MM1C US Navy)-16679, Augusta MI USA
2000 - Death: Rebecca Kate LAWS-12054, AUSTRALIA
2003 - Burial: Richard Ben LAWS-36979, South San Francisco CA USA
2003 - Death: Richard Ben LAWS-36979,
2003 - Death: Richard LAWS (Teamster retired) 12457, San Francisco CA USA
2010 - Death: Billy Wayne LAWS-39397,

1873 - Birth: Bertram William GILES (Bricklayer) -28696, Ashford KEN UK
1882 - Death: Mary CRAFTS (Seamstress) -2919, Chatteris CAM UK
1897 - Birth: Thomas IVISON-29500, Carlisle CUL UK
1910 - Birth: May SHINGLES-20028,
1921 - Death: Ann Elizabeth WALKER-4338,
1964 - Death: Gertrude Jennie YEARGAIN-36398, St Francois MO USA
2002 - Death: Alice Eva  MOONEY-7219, Littlehampton SSX UK
2006 - Death: Ruby EDWARDS-21374, Spruce Pine Hospital, Ashville NC U

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