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We reach out to all, regardless of Race, Colour, Creed or National Origin, with support for researching family and documenting cultural inhertance

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If you are interested in anyone listed here, email us with the name, date and reference number, and we will happily do a look up, you might even get a whole tree! 

Family Events for today 26th April  We have excluded living people to protect their Privacy -we are not showing births after 1920 or marriages after 1940 If you are looking for folk after these dates, you should join the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER  

Family Events
1724 - Marriage: John SHAW-10653 and Barbara LAWS-10652, Newcastle upon Tyne NBL UK

1736 - Baptism: Samuel LAWS-39512, Stepney MDX UK

1751 - Marriage: John LAWS-10915 and Elizabeth BROWN-6885, Swanton Morley NFK UK

1774 - Christen: Thomas LAWS-14014, Padiham LAN UK
1782 - Marriage: John RANCE-12378 and Sarah LAWS-12379, Stanwell MDX
1827 - Christen: James LAWS-2933, Headley HAM UK
1838 - Baptism: Thomas LAWS- (Farmer 30 Acres) 5255, Folkestone KEN UK

1845 - Birth: John LAWS-32450, Chatteris CAM UK

1858 - Marriage: John Issac HUNTER (Farmer) -26508 and Maria Adelphia LAWS-26509,
          Beccles SFK UK

1875 - Baptism: Mary Jane LAWS (Ladies Maid) 5558, Croydon SRY UK
1875 - Baptism: Emily LAWS (Dressmaker) -5556, Croydon SRY UK
1875 - Baptism: Annie LAWS (Nurse)-5554, Croydon SRY UK
1876 - Death: Alice Emily LAWS-35212, Balmain NSW AUSTRALIA
1877 - Birth: Ada LAWS-3114, Doddington CAM UK
1880 - Death: Angelica LAWS-36442, East Weymouth MA USA
1885 - Death: Abraham LAWS-35551,
1885 - Birth: Robert Curtis LAWS (Army Private 27613) -28863, Ashington NBL UK
1893 - Immigration: Agnes G LAWS-22845, Ellis Island New York NY USA
1897 - Birth: Albert Henry LAWS-31889,
1905 - Marriage: Robert CARTER (Coal Miner) -29057 and Alice LAWS-29056, Morpeth NBL UK
1906 - Burial: Robert LAWS (Miner) -38723, Osceola Mills PA USA
1907 - Death: Amanda LAWS-40662, Philadelphia PA USA
1909 - Birth: Dorothy May LAWES-35937,
1911 - Death: George Hiscock LAWS (Brewers Cooper) -2959, Watford HRT UK
1917 - Death: J LAWES (Army Pioneer 128268) -22211,
1918 - Birth: Thomas LAWS (Carpenter ) -42436,
1919 - Death: Mary Louise LAWES (Spinster) -112, Aldershot HAM UK
1934 - Death: William John LAWS-35173, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA
1987 - Death: Robert Lewis LAWS-20474,
1990 - Death: Richard LAWS-21661, Gordonvale QLD AUSTRALIA
1991 - Death: Arthur Gilbert LAWES-40276, Reading BRK UK

1813 - Marriage: John LANEHAM-12865 and Elizabeth LODGE-12864, Bishopstone WIL UK
1827 - Baptism: Joseph CLEGG (Watchmaker & Photographer) -14898, Manchester LAN UK
1836 - Marriage: Michael Harrison BIRD (Seaman) -7099 and Elizabeth MCMINN-12426, 
          Girthon KCB UK
1865 - Death: Charles Thomas WARDE-14956, Stratford on Avon WAR UK
1872 - Birth: Lilly CHILDS-5181, Isleworth MDX UK
1886 - Birth: Emma Mae SPICER-11633, Vianna, IL United States
1888 - Birth: Jean Marie BIGOURDAN-29608, St. Gaudens, Haute Garonne, FRANCE
1891 - Birth: Edith May DUDLEY-30333, Shepherds Bush MDX
1894 - Birth: Stillman Gordon LUPOLE-25099, Delmar Twp, Tioga County PA USA
1896 - Baptism: Ronald Edgar Coggan SHUTLER (Farmer) -40440, Crewkerne SOM UK
1910 - Birth: Dorothy May HOWES-40978, Somerleyton SFK UK
1913 - Death: Maria HOPWOOD-34844, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1953 - Burial: May Emily Jane Eliza ROBERTS-11571, Dutton Park, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA

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