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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Oct 2014 Number 299

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Here are 10 books from my bookshelf, 
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You might find just what you were looking for, oh and BTW, just in case you're thinking it they're NOT for Sale.

Nick Dunn
ISBN 978-0-904853-08-7

I was a Tree-Warden hence loads of Tree books.

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The Tree Council
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John Burton
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Hundred of bugs with coloured illustrations

The Natioal Trust
ISBN 0-906671-70
The English Country Town is Unique, it is instantly
reconizable, but hard to define. The ideal way to 
enter a town on the first occcasion is by train. 
If the railway track no longer exists, but has been 
sacrificed to the chimmer of the motor car, then 
the traveller who wants to experience the town as
an organic whole, shoulfd come in by river. If
neither exists then the only chioce is from the upper 
deck of a double decked bus, whence it is possible 
to see how it sits in the countryside surrounding it.

A identification guide for everything from Abbey's to Axe,
from Oak to Ozone, from St. Elmo's Fire to Sycamore.
Did you kown there are 11 common varieties of Thistle
A mine of data on the british countryside 

ISBN 978-1-4053-5753-1

Herbert Cole
ISBN 1-851-70-1836

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Scottish Beekeepers Association


Today we would like to salute HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.

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Here are our family extracts for today 10th October

1661 - Marriage: John ARMIGER-1825 and Bridget LAWES-1826, Ranworth NFK

Ranworth NFK (St Helens) One of Norfolks finest/ Veiw from Tower

(These photographs and others of norfolk churches that appear on this blog are with the permission of and are part of www, site  to whom we are very grateful.)

1726 - Marriage: George LAWES-46870 and Elizabeth HARFORD-46871, Salisbury WIL UK
Salisbury WIL

1753 - Birth: Michael LAWS-34197, Feltwell NFK
Feltwell NFK (St Margarets)

1753 - Christen: John LAWS-5928, Stepney MDX
Stepney MDX (St Dunstans) 

1799 - Marriage: John LAWES-1251 and Elizabeth FOX-1252, Costessey NFK
Costessesy NFK

1813 - Marriage: John LAWS (Shepherd) -9086 and Mary STRINGER-9087, Gaywood NFK UK
1819 - Baptism: Hannah LAWS-4822, Spittalfields MDX
1822 - Christen: Mary Ann LAWS-8440, Camberwell SRY UK
1828 - Burial: Sarah Ann LAWS-53402, Eastbourne SSX
1833 - Marriage: William LAWES-58446 and Mary BERNEY-57894, Fincham NFK UK
1848 - Marriage: Robert LAWS (Carter) -8467 and Betsy FAIRS-7076, Lakenheath SFK
1856 - Birth: Robert LAWS (Farmer) -8079, Stamfordham NBL
1861 - Marriage: Henry HALL-8708 and Selina LAWS-4825, Putney SRY
1869 - Marriage: Charles LAWS-39423 and Elizabeth TUBBY-8038, Broome NFK
Broome NFK

1871 - Birth: Almon LAWS (PVT 4TH INF US Army) -37888, IL
1875 - Death: John LAWS (Bus Company Under Manager) -34720, Liverpool LAN UK
1879 - Birth: David C LAWS-45810, Orrville AL
1885 - Death: Augustus LAWS-4723, Ruswarp NRY
1885 - Burial: Robert LAWS (Butcher & Publican) -3576, Battersea SRY UK
1888 - Birth: Nelson Wake LAWS (Sailmaker) -37587, Sunderland DUR UK
1891 - Marriage: William Fairchild LAWS (Assist Silk dealer/ Comercial Clerk) -50708 and Edith Elizabeth HILL-52602, Islington MDX UK
1893 - Birth: Margaret LAWS-36464, Swannington NFK (St Margarets)
1895 - Birth: Edward Charles LAWES (RN J15521) -47690, Walton on Thames SRY
1899 - Birth: Arthur William LAWS-121795, 
1899 - Admon: Edmund Thomas LAWS (Hotel Chef) -5487, Kensington MDX UK
1901 - Burial: Edwin R LAWS (PVT B 52nd /11 Vet US Army) -37937, San Francisco National Cemetery CA
1903 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS-49233 and Mary Ann ANGLIN-49234, 
1903 - Birth: Donald Ernest LAWS-38762, 
1905 - Birth: Robert James LAWS-119363, Provo UT
1907 - Death: Esther LAWS-115130, Bertie Twp., Welland Co., ON
1908 - Birth: John Robson LAWS-58376, 
1909 - Baptism: William James LAWS-54461, Southwark SRY UK
1911 - Birth: Molly Emily May LAWS-58056, 
1912 - discharged: Bertram LAWS (ARMY 5895) -50215, 9 East Street, Preston
1914 - Birth: William Robert LAWS-58046, 
1918 - Death: Frederick William LAWS (Carpenter & Jobmaster & ARMY Private) -9287,At sea
1921 - Birth: Esmond Warwick LAWS-26408, 
1922 - Birth: Vincent LAWS (Australian Army) -32375, Inghan QLD AUSTRALIA
1922 - Birth: Kevin LAWS (Sapper Australian Army NX77684) -32348, Ingham QLD AUSTRALIA
1923 - Birth: John Charles LAWS (Australian Army)-32342, Ramsgate NSW AUSTRALIA
1926 - Marriage: Anthony Urban LAWS (Clerk) -117181 and Mary Josephine SAVAGE (Stenographer) -117184, St John's Carleton, Newfoundland
1926 - Marriage: James LORENZON-31867 and Florence Miriam LAWES-31866, Vancover BC CANADA
1926 - Death: Florence Miriam LAWES-31866, Vancover BC CANADA
1926 - Death: Albert LAWS (Solicitor's Clerk) -4481, Wareham DOR UK
1936 - Death: Larry Keed LAWS-34202, Moab, Grand UT
1938 - Death: Emily LAWES  (Linen Weaver / Spinster) -680, Armley WRY
1941 - Marriage: Roy Bunnett LAWS-37533 and Audrey Mary MARSHALL-37551, Firvale, Sheffield WRY (St Cuthberts Church)
1941 - Death: William Bernard LAWS-40916, Santa Cruz CA
1945 - discharged: James C LAWS (GM1c US NAVY) -123722, 
1947 - Birth: Joseph John  LAWS (Manager)-118154, Camperdown NSW
1947 - Death: Elizabeth Mary LAWS-50975, Bradford WRY UK
1948 - Birth: Henry Bernard LAWS-103906, 
1958 - Residence: Annie  LAWS (Spinster)-122977, Catford KEN & Death 1958 Chelsea MDX
1958 - Birth: Carl Eugene LAWS-120690, Kansas
1978 - Birth: Gary Lynn LAWS-40634, Westminster MDX UK
1987 - Birth: Krystal Raelyn LAWS-40781, TX
1993 - Death: Hetty LAWS (Maid) LAWS-118414, Bournemouth HAM
1993 - Birth: Dekayla Elaine LAWS-40858, TX
1994 - Death: Percival William Thomas LAWS (Retired) -7591, Kirkley SFK
1997 - Death: Dallas LAWS (MSgt US Air Force) -95615, 
1998 - Birth: Samantha Jayne -53127, Timaru, New Zealand
1998 - Death: Richard Harrison LAWS (Sgt US Army) LAWS-38068, 
2000 - Burial: Sonja LAWES-120358, Hyde CHS