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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Oct 2014 Number 295

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This idea inspired by Tessa Keogh
Here are 10 books from my bookshelf, some are genealogical and some are not,
 make of them as you will, they won't be to everyone's liking.

HERALDRY Sources, symbols, and meaning 
Ottfried Neubecker               
ISBN 0-345 044931 
This is a thorough and richly illustrated history of the system, the art, and the craft that have grown from the honoured office of the herald.

Peter Salway
ISBN 0-19-822984-4
Lavishlly illustrated authoritative history of the Roman Empire in Britain, starts before the invasion of Julius Ceaser culminating in the early 5th century with the unexpected end of Roman rule and the subsequent collapse of society in Britain.

The Scottish Seabird Centre in an independent charity dedicated to inspire people to appriciate and care for wildlife and the natural enviroment. also

The National Trust for Scotland
ISBN 1-906431-02-7
Falkland was a hunting palace of the Stewart dynasty and more of a royal home, than a place of state

MAELMIN An archaeological guide
Clive Waddington
ISBN 0-95300163-5-8

The Maelmin Trail is located in the village of Milfield, near Wooler in Northumberland. The landscape surrounding Maelmin is dominated by the Cheviot hills to the south west and by the flat plain where the trail in situated. It is one of the richest archaelogical landscapes in Britain and the story of these ancient remains is captured in this book

Stephen P Maran PhD
ISBN 0-7645-8465-0

Do you know the diffence between a red giant and a white dwarf? From asteroids to black holes, this easy to understand guide takes you on a grand tour of the universe 

J R Ravensdale

The pusuit of local history has its excitements, As you hunt the past of the place where you live, and the people who lived there, the whole neighbourhood begins to talk

D R Brothwell
ISBN 0-565-00704-1

This handbook was written to assist archaeogists wishing to familiarize themselves with the range of data which can be derived from excavated skeletons, Every year scores of human skeletons are exposed by excavation, some through planned archeaological exploration, but often accidentally through engineering and quarrying operations and in the digging of foundations for new buildings

Penny Phenix
ISBN 0-7495-3953-4

A pocket sized guide to the Emerald Isle of Ireland, bought by me when we took my then, recently widowed mother, to find her reputed roots in the village of Avoca set in the beautiful Wicklow Mountains 

(You may know it by the fictional name of Ballykissangel, from the TV series of the same name, which follows the life of father Clifford, an English priest directed by the church to go lead a flock in Ireland, as if they didn't have problems of their own enough already, I only watched the series to see Asumpta FitzGerald played by the lovely Dervla Kiwan

My mother wasn't suited that we didn't find any cousins although I'm sure we met them, in every village and town and I, to be sure fell in love with the place and its people.

ISBN 978-981-258-623-0

A super little guide to Rome but too heavy to carry all day in your pocket, each district is given the once-over for the best veiws, the best churches for art, best getaways, best piazzas, best buys, best festivals and events, best pizzas, best bars, resturants and cafes, best small hotels, I reccomend The Hotel Lancelot (Family owned on a quiet street half a mile east of the Colosseum) 
Via Capo D'Africa 47, 00184 Rome, Italy email: 
Tel +39 06 7045 0615 Fax +39 06 7045 0640

Ask Mrs Kain for a street view with a shady balcony - enjoy people-watching - with a glass or two of the best vino you can afford.


Today we would like to salute HM Royal Marines in their 350th year.

In 2014 the Corps of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines celebrate their 350th anniversary.  To commemorate this date, Royal Marines Commandos ski,'d, sailed, cycled, canoed and ran 6656km (circa 4136 miles). The aim was to encapsulate the Commando spirit and Corps values in a significant physical and mental challenge.

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Here are our family extracts for today 6th October

Family Events
1745 - Baptism: Letitia LAWS-39039, Ellingham by Bungay NFK
1774 - Baptism: John LAWS (Tailor) -4219, Shoreditch MDX UK
1775 - Marriage: Aaron DAVIS-45311 and Rachel LAWS-45312, 
1792 - Marriage: Vitruvius LAWES (Barrister) -946 and Fanny RILEY-947, Hampton MDX
1833 - Birth: Jane LAWS-55390, Washbrook SFK
and another
1835 - Birth: Jane LAWS-55391, Washbrook SFK
1845 - Marriage: William WATSON OR WALTON (Tea Dealer & Grocer) -38921 and Mary LAWS (Grocer) -38919, Stepney MDX
St.Dunstans, Stepney MDX

1845 - Death: Thomas LAWES (Miller) -100759, Stapleton GLS
1848 - Miscellaneous: David LAWS-51079, 
1861 - Birth: Sarah Ann Rose LAWS-29106, Hainford NFK
1867 - Birth: Cordie LAWS-42440, 
1867 - Birth: Karla Jo LAWS-40499, TX
1867 - Baptism: Joseph Charles LAWS (Farm Bailliff) -3671, Horstead NFK
1872 - Baptism: Elizabeth Mary LAWS-57751, Stanwell MDX (St Mary the Virgin)
1878 - Baptism: John William LAWS (Wagonette Driver) -6246, Hingham NFK
1886 - Birth: Sarah Matilda LAWS-40952, AK
1889 - Marriage: Albert William Leopold LAWS (Gas Stoker) -103458 and Alice Anne HOLMAN-46073, Plaistow ESS UK
1891 - Marriage: George Edward COLLISON (Gamekeeper) -58429 and Sarah Elizabeth LAWS (Dom Servant) -58430, Litcham NFK
Litcham NFK

1898 - Miscellaneous: Robert Stephenson LAWS-66137, 
1898 - Admon: Hannah LAWS (Widow) -122923, 
1901 - Birth: Francis Edward LAWES-59296, 
1901 - Birth: Wildia Margaret LAWS-41015, IA USA
1901 - Death: Edwin R LAWS (PVT B 52nd /11 Vet US Army) -37937, 
1904 - Burial: Kate LAWS-53494, Durhan Road Cemetery, Stockton on Tees DUR
1906 - Birth: Anthony Knight LAWS-104014, Fulham MDX UK
1909 - Birth: Arthur Tennyson LAWS-117976, Lincoln LIN UK
1911 - Death: Charles Bennett LAWES  (Sculptor) -226, Harpenden HRT UK
1920 - Miscellaneous: Doreen Edna LAWS (Servant) -45784, 
1920 - Miscellaneous: Charles Frederick LAWS (Master Mariner 13605) -8012, 
1925 - Birth: Richard LAWS (Royal Australian Navy) -30091, Killarney QLD AUSTRALIA
1926 - Birth: Linton Harmer LAWS (Farmer) -3432, 
1935 - Birth: Donald Moffat LAWS (Lawyer) -39224, Brooklyn, New York NY United States
1937 - Birth: Doreen LAWES (Company Director) -46352, 
1943 - Death: Harold B LAWS-40943, San Diego CA
1947 - Death: Harold Alfred LAWES (Electrical Fitter & Colliery Official) -47818, Cardiff GLA
1951 - Birth: Albert LAWS-40319, TX
1963 - Marriage: Geoffrey Ashleigh LAWS (Laws Glass) -42814 and Margaret GILBY-44024, New Silksworth DUR UK
1963 - Birth: Michael Roger LAWS-5618, Marin CA
1966 - Miscellaneous: Mabel Hannah LAWS-123187, 
1966 - Miscellaneous: Angus Graeme LAWS (Accountant) -120230, 
1971 - Birth: Adrian Lewis LAWS-40543, TX
1982 - Birth: Broderick Dwayne LAWS-40701, TX
1982 - Cremation: Hugh Douglas Willoughby LAWS-38660, Reading BRK UK
2003 - Death: Herbert LAWS-32423, Houston, Harris Co TX United States
2013 - Residence: Christy LAWS-123346, Lowgap NC United States