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LAWS FAMILY REGISTER July 2014 Number 223

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(The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 

Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.
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Family Events for today 26th July

The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 
Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.

1689 - Christening: Henry LAWS-14118, Padiham LAN UK

1696 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWES-10661, Berwick Upon Tweed NBL UK

1699 - Marriage: Charles LONG (Colonel) 613 and Amy LAWES-609, St Katherines, JAMAICA
1730 - Christen: Anne LAWS-7109, Norwich NFK UK
1754 - Will Proved: Temple LAWES (Planter of Jamaica) -4651, Pimlico MDX UK
1772 - Baptism: Elizabeth LAWES-10665, Newburn on Tyne NBL UK
1812 - Christening: Mary LAWS (Spinster) -27003, Egton NRY UK
Egton North Yorkshire

1818 - Burial: John LAWS-7204, Newington SRY UK
1818 - Death: John LAWS-7204, Fishmongers Almshouses, Newington SRY
Fishmongers Almshouses, Newington SRY

1819 - Burial: Mary LAWS-14612, 
1830 - Marriage: John SANDWELL-7386 and Maria LAWS (Spinster) -7389, Andover HAM UK

1837 - Marriage: Thomas Jefferson LAWS-25121 and Althea MATTHEWS-25122, 
1846 - Marriage: Robert LAWS (Prisoner at Hockwold NFK) -6720 and Charlotte VINCENT-                  6387, Hockwold cum Wilton NFK UK

1849 - Marriage: Jacob LAWS (Ag Lab) -16732 and Martha CREEK-16734, Littleport CAM UK
1854 - Marriage: John HAWKINS-16730 and Rhoda LAWS-5321, Littleport CAM UK

1863 - Baptism: Charlotte Lucelia LAWS (Lady Clerk) -6590, Stepney MDX UK

1871 - Marriage: John LAWS (Ag Lab) -15012 and Ann FOX-36722, Downham CAM UK
1872 - Birth: Charles LAWS-35971, 
1878 - Birth: Ada Mary LAWES-1463, Stockbridge HAM UK
1884 - Birth: Benjamin LAWS (ARMY Private 16569) -22372, 
1888 - Birth: Ruthie Lee LAWS-23226, Franklin Co TX USA
1894 - Marriage: Herbert William LAWS (Mate) -27961 and Marian BALDWIN-27963, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1896 - Birth: Frederick James LAWS-36493, West Ham ESS UK
1905 - Birth: William Edward LAWES-20538, Collingbourne WIL
1908 - Birth: David Andrew LAWS (RAAF Lieutenant P479) -13013, Brisbane QLD AUSTRALIA
1912 - Birth: Edward Henry LAWS-41070, 
1914 - Birth: William Carl LAWES-36114, 
1916 - Burial: Frank LAWS (Infant) -25114, Little veiw
1917 - Admon: James Robert LAWS (Slater & Roof Tiler) -21345, 
1918 - Death: Arthur James LAWS (Letter Sorter) -4454, Enfield MDX UK

1918 - Will Proved: Sarah LAWES (Widow) -1302, 
1919 - Marriage: George Henry LAWS (Fitter on London Underground) -15584 and Alice Maud              ADNAMS-23788, Fulham MDX UK
1920 - Birth: Leslie William LAWS-36271, 
1923 - Birth: Desmond John LAWS-33816, Peterborogh CAM UK
1933 - Birth: Daphne Muriel LAWES (Company director) -23581, 
1941 - Marriage: Rex KNIGHT-29228 and Dorethy Jean LAWS-29227, Binnaway NSW                            AUSTRALIA
1945 - Birth: Glenn Wayne LAWS-18776, Jefferson Co TX USA
1948 - Birth: Harold Douglas LAWS-39831, Wilkes County NC USA
1952 - Marriage: Donald HUEBNER-40971 and Jennie LAWS-40970, Hammond, Lake Co, IN USA
1954 - Death: Chalmer E LAWS (PFC US Army)-16806, 
1960 - Birth: Sandra LAWS-25874, 
1967 - Birth: Susan Ann LAWS-19066, TX USA
1971 - Burial: Roy T LAWS (PFC US Army) -16946, Long Island NY USA
1972 - Death: Roger John LAWES-31640, Durban RSA
1976 - Death: Thomas Matthew Robson LAWS-33082, Chester-le-Street DUR UK
 1988 - Birth: Quentin Lionel LAWS-19356, TX USA
1992 - Birth: Jeremy Javon LAWS-37502, Harris Co TX USA
1993 - Death: Walter William LAWS-3479, Horsford NFK UK
1999 - Birth: Lexi LAWS-22993, Salt Lake City UT USA
1999 - Death: Lexi LAWS-22993, Salt Lake City UT USA
1999 - Birth: Jade LAWS-19908, Salt Lake City UT USA
1999 - Death: Albert Ernest LAWS-12651, Redfern NSW AUSTRALIA