Saturday, July 12, 2014

LAWS FAMILY REGISTER July 2014 Number 209

Welcome to the Laws Family Register. 

Below I list a selection of my records automatically extracted from my database today.

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Family Events for today 12th July

The UK county & US state codes used here are Chapman Codes, Surnames are in bold red type. 
Please note that the reference numbers are our database record numbers.

1667 - Birth: James Robert LAWS-19682, Jewett, Cumberland Co IL USA
House in Jewett, Cumberland Co IL USA

1741 - Baptism: Congrave LAWS-13175, Spittalfields MDX UK
1766 - Birth: Jerimiah LAWS-30582, Harroldsburg, Mercer Co KY USA
1799 - Christen: Rose LAWS-26998, East Winch NFK
East Winch Church

1837 - Burial: John LAWS-31978, Fincham NFK UK
1860 - Birth: Josephus LAWS-33601, Carroll Co TN USA
1867 - Burial: George Lewis LAWS-27696, Hawkinge KEN UK (St Michael)
1868 - Marriage: James T OVERTON-40945 and Virginia LAWS-40944, IN USA
1876 - Birth: Frank John LAWS (Stationer) -37597, Islington MDX UK
1883 - Birth: Charles LAWS (Farmer) -12100, Chatteris CAM UK
1886 - Birth: Annie Louise Mary Elizabeth LAWS-23267, Folkestone KEN UK
1891 - Birth: Goethe Grecian LAWS-33599, Carroll Co TN USA
1896 - Birth: Ernest LAWS (Australian Army N282437) -13019, Mackay QLD AUSTRALIA
1912 - Birth: Austin LAWS-36532, 
1912 - Birth: Sidney John LAWS-36527, 
1913 - Birth: Fred LAWS-36542, 
1913 - Birth: Francis George Ryland LAWES-31602, Lewisham KEN UK
1914 - Birth: Annie Isobel LAWS-24986, Southwark SRY UK
1917 - Birth: Douglas Watson LAWS-40909, 
1918 - Birth: Richard Ernest LAWS-36526, 
1919 - Birth: Joseph T LAWS (Corporal US Army) LAWES-16771, 
1926 - Birth: Iris Hazel LAWES (age 6 mths) -38717, 
1931 - Death: James LAWS-24346, Roos ERY UK
Roos in the East Riding of Yorkshire

1933 - Death: Fred LAWS-3828, Royal Infirmary, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK
1934 - Death: Thomas Henry LAWS-16601, Tyler, Smith Co, TX USA
Highway in Tyler, Smith County Texas USA
1940 - Death: Thomas Joseph LAWS-21722, Plymouth DEV UK
1943 - Birth: Johnny LAWS (Blues Singer)-38640, Chicago, Cook Co, IL USA
1944 - Miscellaneous: John William LAWS (Engineering Clerk) -17690, 
1944 - Will  Proved: George LAWS (Laithman) -17686, 
1945 - Miscellaneous: Robert Francis LAWES (Bank Official)-24847, 
1945 - Admon: Alfred Edgar LAWES (Army Sergeant) -1352, 
1947 - Birth: Rosalind Annette LAWS-3231, 
1953 - Death: Gene A LAWS (Pvte US Marine Corps 1163389) -37039, Korea - Killed in Action
1954 - Birth: Sandra Janice LAWS-18932, TX USA
1965 - Death: Abba Frances LAWS-19676, 
1965 - Burial: John Morrison LAWS (Nurseyman) LAWS-19605, Christchurch NZ
1965 - Birth: Sherri Lynn LAWS-19045, TX USA
1968 - Birth: Darren Martin LAWES (Company Director) -23582, 
1968 - Birth: Darren George LAWES (Company Director) -23566, Kingston Upon Hull ERY UK
1971 - Death: Albert LAWS-19923, Campbell Co KY USA
1977 - Death: Martin Bernard  LAWS (ARMY Life Guards Tpr 24344842) at Barnet HRT UK-33365, 
The Toll-Gate, Hadley Green Road, Barnet

1983 - Burial: Bree LAWS-3281, Shepparton VIC AUSTRALIA
1986 - Death: Doris May LAWS-38520, Castle Hill NSW AUSTRALIA
1986 - Death: Doris May TRENBATH-12661, Castle Hill NSW AUSTRALIA
1991 - Death: Mark Grant LAWS-30733, Sonoma, Tuolumne CA USA
1991 - Death: James Herberts LAWS-20647, 
2006 - Death: Robert E LAWS-27896, 
2006 - Birth: Thomas Ashley LAWES-27527, Yeovil SOM UK