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Your tombstone stands amongst the rest, neglected and alone
The names and dates are chiselled out on polished marble stone
It reaches out to all who care, it is too late to mourn
You did not know that I exist, you died and I was born
Yet each of us are cells of you, in flesh, in blood, in bone.
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own

Dear Ancestor, 
The place you filled one hundred years ago
Spreads out amongst the ones you left who would have loved you so,
I wonder if you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot, and come to visit you. 



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Family Events from our database, for today 31st December

BIRTHS baptisms etc
1805 - Birth: John LAWS (Weaver) -3957, Shoreditch Middlesex UK

1806 - Christen: Alice LAWS-3926, Folkestone Kent UK

1841 - Birth: William B LAWS-12246, UK

1848 - Birth: Edward LAWS (Lamp Salesman) -9639, Chertsey Surrey UK

1851 - Birth: James LAWS (Ag Lab) -2935, Doddington Cambridgeshire UK

1854 - Christen: Robert Stephenson  LAWS (Clerk)-4247, Newcastle upon Tyne                                   Northumberland UK


1867 - Birth: Louisa Jane LAWS-14838, Staines Middlesex UK

1869 - Birth: Robert LAWS (Labourer) -43787, 

1874 - Birth: Edgar S LAWS-13914, 

1979 - Birth: Robert David LAWS-33206, Bradford West Yorkshire UK

1879 - Birth: Jerome Alexander LAWS-16735, 

1887 - Birth: Mildred M LAWS-17792, Newcastle upon Tyne Northumberland UK

1892 - Birth: David LAWS (RN J4506) -24434, Gateshead Durham UK

1894 - Birth: Victor LAWS-30055, Clapton Middlesex UK

1898 - Birth: George LAWES-16272, 

1898 - Birth: Henry Charles LAWS-8620, Bowen, QLD AUSTRALIA

1907 - Birth: Essie May LAWS-29481, 

1907 - Birth: Leslie LAWES (Australian Army) -12979, Leichhardt, NSW AUSTRALIA

1910 - Birth: Lily LAWS (Age 8 mths) -37994, South Shields Durham UK

1915 - Birth: Clarence L LAWS (Van Salesman)-42338, 

1915 - Birth: Thelma Louisa LAWS-11518, Warwick, QLD Australia

1919 - Birth: Joseph Arthur LAWS-38249, 


1716 - Marriage: George LETTICE-17147 and Thomasine LAWS17146, Canterbury Kent UK

1812 - Marriage: James LAWS (Merchant Life) -3385 and Ann SILVERS-3401, 
          Great Yarmouth Norfolk UK

1843 - Marriage: William Herbert LAWES (Fraudster)-39866 and Ann HOWARD-39867,                     Clerkenwell Middlesex UK

1855 - Marriage: Thomas LAWES (Ag Lab) -2695 and Elizabeth RIX-2697, Felthorpe Norfolk             UK

1867 - Marriage: James William LAWS (Boot Maker) -33553 and Margaret CHURCHILL-6562, St. Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK

1892 - Marriage: Matthew Mathias ROBERTS-29379 and Elizabeth Frances LAWS-29378,                 Wellington NSW AUSTRALIA

1898 - Marriage: John LAWS (Ag Lab) -4364 and Sarah Ann H M DIXON-15714, 
          Feltwell Norfolk UK

1910 - Marriage: John LAWS-24709 and Barbara COLLINSON-24710, Ryhope Durham UK

1912 - Marriage: William Royal Garnet LAWES-35994 and Irene Catherine HAMILTON-                   35995, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA

1913 - Marriage: Claude DouglasLAWES (Machine Parts Salesman) -41560 and                                   Mary SWOFORD (Hardware Saleslady)-41568, San Francisco CA USA

1799 - Burial: Mary LAWS-19853, Beckenham Kent UK

1857 - Death: William LAWES (Gentleman)-2348, Ridgeway Hill, Stapleton GLS UK

1859 - Death: Maria  LAWS (Spinster)-7899, 

1872 - Death: Charlotte LAWS (Spinster) -5306, Ipswich Suffolk UK

1900 - Death: Muriel Kline LAWS-36257, Balmain NSW AUSTRALIA

1904 - Burial: Laura Isabel LAWS-28126, Stockton-On-Tees Durham UK

1918 - Death: Clara LAWES-19789, Moscow ID USA

1932 - Death: Thomas LAWS (Dog Catcher) -19841, Ogden, Webber Co. UT USA

1933 - Death: Emma LAWES (Widow)-2613, Woking Surrey UK

1935 - Death: George Frederick LAWS (Market Gardener)-15441, The Lodge, Kingsfield,                     Dartford KEN UK

1941 - Death: Reginald Frederick LAWES-39002, Entre Rios ARGENTINA

1954 - Death: Pantha Della LAWS-17190, Rutherford County NC USA

1956 - Death: William Pennington LAWS-15011, Yakima, Yakima Co, WA USA

1961 - Death: Albert Edward John LAWS- (Deputy Naval Stores Officer) 6715, 
          Jarrow Co, Durham but resided at Chatham Kent UK

1973 - Death: Clarence LAWES (PVT US Army) -16617, 

1980 - Burial: Geneva LAWS-22775, Blanding UT USA

1987 - Death: Thomas LAWS (Engineer)-8686, High Lorton Cumberland UK

1988 - Death: Norman William LAWS-21707, Oakdale NSW AUSTRALIA

1997 - Death: John Richard LAWS-36273, 

2002 - Death: Zelma LAWS-11001, Hickory NC USA

2008 - Death: Edward David LAWS-29322, Pakefield Suffolk UK

2012 - Death: Marjorie May LAWS-42200, 

1914 - Military: John William Oughton LAWS (ARMY Sapper WR/202714/207480) -22296,                 Northumberland Fusiliers (Enlistment)

1795 - Baptism: Jane CHARTERS-21910, Torpenhow Cumberland UK

1802 - Birth: John L Parker EDEN-26750, Stokesley North Yorkshire UK

1803 - Baptism: Elizabeth HORNE-13167, Hevingham Norfolk UK

1895 - Birth: Minnie Dorethy CHAPMAN-23110, Westminster Middlesex UK

1898 - Birth: Alice Maud ADNAMS-23581, Battersea Surrey UK

1990 - Birth: Elaine Susan COCKS-23905, Basingstoke Hampshire UK



1648 - Death: Elizabeth DALLY-1160,

1825 - Death: Elizabeth RICHMOND - SMITH-3512, Hevingham Norfolk UK

1916 - Death: Sarah DOUGLAS-5249, Heaton Northumberland UK

1953 - Death: Thomas Roebuck OXTOBY-42006, Bradford West Yorkshire UK

1970 - Death: Ethel Irene MCDANIEL (Supervisor) -20427, Texarkana Miller Co. AK USA

1993 - Death: Daphna May PEPPLE-16673, 
Lord, help me dig into the past
and sift the sands of time
That I might find the roots that made
This family tree of mine

Lord, help me trace the ancient roads,
On which my father's trod
And led them through so many lands
To find our present sod.

Lord, help me find an ancient book
Or dusty manuscript,
Thats's safely hidden now away
In some forgotten crypt

Lord, let it bridge the gap that haunts
My soul, when I can't find
The missing link between some name
That ends the same as mine


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