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Your tombstone stands amongst the rest, neglected and alone
The names and dates are chiselled out on polished marble stone
It reaches out to all who care, it is too late to mourn
You did not know that I exist, you died and I was born
Yet each of us are cells of you, in flesh, in blood, in bone.
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own

Dear Ancestor, 
The place you filled one hundred years ago
Spreads out amongst the ones you left who would have loved you so,
I wonder if you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot, and come to visit you. 



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Family Events from our database, for today 22nd November

BIRTHS baptisms etc

1652 - Burial: Samuel LAWES-809, MDX UK (St Dunstan in the East)

1700 - Burial: Matthew LAWIS-2460, Leake LIN UK

1768 - Birth: William LAWS (Master Mariner) -3387, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1840 - Christen: Esther Mary Ann LAWES-1731, Stepney MDX UK 

1841 - Birth: Mary LAWS-3090, Chatteris CAM UK

1854 - Baptism: Adolphus Brock LAWS-35019, Stepney MDX UK 

1860 - Birth: Cuthbert Umfreville LAWS (Surgeon) -3008, Morpeth NBL UK

1874 - Birth: Benjamin LAWS- (Wharf Labourer) 42726, 

1902 - Birth: Mamie Arizona LAWS-30158, Carroll Co TN United States

1903 - Birth: Elizabeth Sarah LAWS-37799, Gateshead DUR UK

1903 - Birth: Clyde Parker LAWS-16461, Winfield, Titus Co TX United States

1914 - Birth: Vivian William LAWS (Sewing Machine Mechanic) -14741, NZ


1781 - Marriage: John LAWS-6881 and Mary ALLEN-6882, Dover KEN UK

1830 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS-11766 and Mary MOY (Widow) -11765, Coslany NFK UK

1853 - Marriage: Michael LAWS- (Ag Lab) 6248 and Fanny ???-6249, Fincham NFK UK

1879 - Marriage: Henry Hill FLAMANK (Railwayman) -21593 and Margaret Jane Mckenzie               LAWS-21592, Morgan, South Australia (on the Murray River)

1885 - Marriage: James LAWS (Butcher) -28976 and Jane PIESLEY-28977, 
          Orange NSW AUSTRALIA

1896 - Marriage: William Durrant LAWS-(Saimaker) 4078 and Laura Harriett SMITH-15805,             Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1899 - Marriage: Joseph D BEROUJON-22687 and Cecile LAWS-22686, 


1762 - Death: Stephen LAWES-30, 

1825 - Death: James LAWS (Merchant Life) -3385, Great Yarmouth NFK UK

1858 - Death: Letitia LAWES- (Spinster) 32052, Southampton HAM UK

1883 - Death & Burial: Griffin LAWS (Rat Catcher) -5719, East Winch NFK UK

1914 - Death: William Arthur LAWS-21311, Townsville QLD AUSTRALIA

1916 - Death: Henry LAWES (ARMY Private 11086) died at home -22196, 

1918 - Death: Henry John LAWS (Private 584283) -15549, Hounslow MDX UK

1928 - Death: Francis William LAWES (Relief Stationmaster) 205, Sidmouth Junction, DEV               UK

1936 - Death: Robert Joseph LAWS- (Grocers Clerk) 15251, Cambridge CAM UK

1946 - Death: Arthur Judson LAWS (ARMY Sergeant SB/78382) -22178, 

1949 - Death: Benjamin Charles LAWES-39079, Burslem STS UK

1959 - Death: George Aubrey LAWES-40325, Salisbury WIL UK

1961 - Death: Eva Gertrude LAWS-2954, Colwyn Bay DEN UK

2000 - Death: Melvin LAWS-38390, Willimantic, Wyndam CT United States

2003 - Burial: Robert Woodford LAWS-13460, Oswego, KS United States


1805 - Will: George LAWS (Yeoman) -11374, 

1915 - Residence: Herbert Henry LAWES (Chauffeur) -41686, Ottawa ONT CANADA

1915 - Enlistment: Joseph LAWS (ARMY Gunner 94911) -28849, Blyth NBL UK


1713 - Baptism: Thomas PREBBLE-2078, 

1812 - Birth: James W WEBB-23500, Houston Co GA united States

1816 - Birth: Ann WHYMENT-9214, Clipson NTH UK

1861 - Birth: Helen Maria LUMBY (Hospital Nurse) -3010, Great Abington CAM UK

1864 - Birth: Thomas Edward COUCHMAN-43134, Horton Kirby KEN UK

1899 - Birth: Louis Edmund GRIMANI-22377, Camberwell SRY UK
           My second cousin once removed 

1902 - Birth: Frederick Charles SAVILLE (Engineer Jig Maker) -14297, Peckham SRY UK
          My second cousin once removed

1909 - Birth: Joseph CLEGG-28209, Stalybridge CHS UK

1915 - Birth: Margaret Ruth BAILEY-27561, 



1834 - Death: Charlotte MILLIGEN-24152, Taunton SOM UK

1922 - Death: Robert SQIRRELL (Ag Lab) -21060, Hitcham SFK UK

2001 - Death: Winifred Doris ATKINSON-14598, Gerringong NSW AUSTRALIA
My Mariner family

Henry LAWS 1800-1880 My Gt Gt grandfather was master of the following ships, the longest service being in the barque "Nautilus" from 1854 till his death in 1880 apart from
1864/5 when Lloyds lists in as being in the "Devonshire" he was either a
very skilful or a very lucky master to keep the same ship for so long. 

Can anyone tell me more of these ships and how although he was in receipt of a
pension from 1864 continued till he was eighty years old? 

NOTE from 1865 The name of the Master in Lloyds registers for the Nautilus is given as LAWS so which one was it?

1833 - 38 Master of Barque "Blanche" Shepherd & Co London - St.Kitts
1838 - 39 Master of Brig "William Fulcher" London - Nevis Owner Pochley
1839 - 40 Master of Barque "Benjamin Greene" Blythe & Greene - West Indies
1842 - 43 Master of Brig "William Fulcher" London - Pochley - West
1843 - 50 Master of Barque "Benjamin Greene" Blythe & Greene West Indies
1854 - 64 Master of Barque "Nautilus" Blythe & Greene - London - West Indies
1864 - 65 Master of Barque "Devonshire"
1865 - 74 Master of Barque "Nautilus" Blythe & Greene - London - West Indies
1875 - 80 Master of Barque "Nautilus" W Binney - London - West Indies

C24644 pensioned Certificate received by Board of Trade 31 Mar 1864

Masters ticket issued 10 Mar 1850 - 43021- PRO BT122-6

Of his sons

Robert Henry LAWS who I note had the nautilus under his command between
1864-8 then continued with the ill-fated "Woolhampton" who after she was
sold to a Norwegian company and renamed "Adonis" was wrecked off Tybee Beach
at the mouth of the Savannah River.

Master Mariner, Ticket no 282-9 of:-

1851 "Nautilus" (Mate) London - West Indies
1852 - 53 "Catherine Green" London - West Indies
1853 - 61 "St Michael" 39958 West Indies & Africa
1861 - 64 "Devonshire" 24844 West Indies
1864 - 68 "Nautilus" 24507 France, Portugal, Spain & West Indies
1873 "Woolhampton" London - Mauritius
1874 - 81 "Woolhampton" London - St Kitts

1864 - 67 Blythe & Greene
1874 - 75 Blythe & Co
1876 - 77 Blythe Greene & Co
1878 - 80 J Swindell
1881 - 82 N C Sendall

Another son we have discovered turned to the demon drink

Edward William LAWS Master of the "Amulato"

Index to the Captains Registers of Lloyd's of London (Guildhall Library Ms
LAWS, Edward William b. London 1841 C30893 London 1868
vol.9 1869-1873; vol.21 1874-1879; vol.36 1880-1884; vol.51 no voyages
# 5 Feb 1874 Charge of drunkenness at sea - found Guilty 12 months ban
He continued his career as 1st Mate for his brother Robert Henry in the

If anyone can tell me anything of any or all of these ships I would be most

Oh! One more thing, when I was a teenager in the late 1950's there was a
shop in Whichmore Hill London that sold ship photo's I know its not there now, where is it?.
I'd love any pictures of these ships I have seen a portrait of the
Woolhampton which was hanging in my great aunts house in Fowey sadly it was
removed by her son about the time of her death and its whereabouts are
unknown as he is dead too.

A suburban childhood of the Twenties 

Seen from the Nineteen Nineties

By John Robert Laws 1921-2008

Continued tomorrow 
Lord, help me dig into the past
and sift the sands of time
That I might find the roots that made
This family tree of mine

Lord, help me trace the ancient roads,
On which my father's trod
And led them through so many lands
To find our present sod.

Lord, help me find an ancient book
Or dusty manuscript,
Thats's safely hidden now away
In some forgotten crypt

Lord, let it bridge the gap that haunts
My soul, when I can't find
The missing link between some name
That ends the same as mine


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