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Your tombstone stands amongst the rest, neglected and alone
The names and dates are chiselled out on polished marble stone
It reaches out to all who care, it is too late to mourn
You did not know that I exist, you died and I was born
Yet each of us are cells of you, in flesh, in blood, in bone.
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own

Dear Ancestor, 
The place you filled one hundred years ago
Spreads out amongst the ones you left who would have loved you so,
I wonder if you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot, and come to visit you. 



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Family Events from our database, for today 28th October

BIRTHS baptisms etc

1821 - Baptism: Caroline LAWES-407, Finsbury MDX UK

1830 - Birth: Mary LAWS (Widow) -24901, Kings Co IRELAND

1832 - Birth: Samuel LAWS (Millmaker) -32708, Westminster MDX UK

1838 - Birth: John LAWS (Confederate soldier) -24985, Granville Co NC United States

1838 - Birth: Marie Eleanor LAWS-12417, 

1840 - Birth: Mary Louisa LAWS-12415, 

1845 - Birth: Elizabeth LAWS-18358, NBL UK

1855 - Birth: Arthur Herbert LAWS (Postal worker) -4426, Charles House, London MDX UK

1880 - Birth: Romie Marion LAWS-30473, Weakley Co., TN United States

1885 - Birth: James B LAWS (Battery Salesman) -42495, 

1901 - Birth: Elsie Marion LAWS-36154, 

1905 - Birth: Ollie Madie LAWS-16463, Mt Vernon, Franklin Co TX United States

1910 - Birth: Richard LAWES (T5 US Army) -16620, 

1914 - Birth: William Whitlock LAWS (Australian Army) -12960, Parkside SA AUSTRALIA

1916 - Birth: Ruby Maine LAWS (Mill Worker) -16861, 


1566 - Marriage: John VINYER-25061 and Diana LAWES-25062, Flixton SFK UK

1670 - Marriage: Thomas LAWS-13558 and Ann MARTAINE-13559, 
          Clfton upon Dunsmore WAR UK

1755 - Marriage: Ben GILBERT-1757 and Diana LAWES-1758, Norwich NFK UK

1819 - Marriage: John LAWES-20052 and Mary KNIGHT-20053, Portsea HAM UK

1824 - Marriage: Joseph WARNER (Merchant in AUSTRALIA) -10793 and                                         Elizabeth LAWS (Laundress) -2846, Southwark SRY UK

1882 - Marriage: Alfred PARNELL26338 and Sarah Ann Rose LAWS10873, Foulden NFK UK

1885 - Marriage: Henry LAWS(Estate Foreman) 5916 and Annie Louisa ASKEW-32580,                   Litcham NFK UK

1888 - Marriage: Henry LAWS (Coal Miner)-3990 and Hannah MASON-3993, Dalton le Dale               DUR UK

1890 - Marriage: Ronald S MCCONNELL-12582 and Emma Mary LAWES-12581, Vancover               BC CANADA

1891 - Marriage: Frederick LAWS- (Butler)27039 and Charlotte Emily DINEEN (Housemaid)            -27038, Wye KEN UK

1893 - Marriage: Frederick William LAWES (Block Cutter Calico Goods) -1094 and                             Jane HARTLEY(Cotton Weaver) -28566, Darwen LAN UK

1901 - Marriage: Hedley [Edler] John LAWS (House Painter) -39598 and Rhoda Louisa                       WAITES-39599, 

1918 - Marriage: Jack BRIDLE (Ag Lab) 40417 & Penelope LAWS-40416, Aldershot HAM UK

1929 - Marriage: Horace Emile GAU-24158 and Constance Lena LAWES-13138, 
          Littlehampton SSX UK

1933 - Marriage: Harold Edwin LAWS (Photo Engraver) -15466 & Elsie Doris HILLER                      (Milliner) -40599, Bexley Heath KEN UK

1937 - Marriage: John Burnett LAWS (Company Director) -10955 and Giovanna Maria DE                 LUIGI-34526, Moshi, Tanganyika


1866 - Burial: Samuel LAWES-27870, Canterbury KEN UK

1880 - Death: Sarah LAWES (Spinster) -2048, Strand, Ryde IOW UK

1890 - Death: Spencer Nesbit LAWS-22964, Hagansport, Franklin TX United States

1948 - Death: George LAWS-39059, Byker NBL UK

1949 - Death: Charles Joseph LAWES-39080, Stanmore MDX UK

1951 - Death: Robert Duggan LAWS-38965, Norwich NFK UK

1957 - Death: Laura Frances LAWS-37650, Madison Co TN United States

1966 - Death: John LAWS (PFC US Army) -16738, 

1969 - Death: Albert LAWS (Tobacco Agent) -7167, Fowey CON UK

2006 - Burial: Ivan Victor LAWS-26302, Grinton NRY UK

2008 - Burial: Sharon LAWS-33143, Bulwell NTT UK


1728 - Occupation: Joseph LAWES (Captain RN) -2334, 

1893 - Will  Dated: William LAWS (Butler retired) -5355, 

1907 - Enlistment: Edwin LAWS (ARMY 48811) -28788, Folkestone KEN UK

1940 - Arrival: Cecil Francis LAWES (RN M7188)-40490, Liverpool LAN UK


1821 - Baptism: Robert John LOTHERINGTON(Coppersmith Apprentice) 26072, 
          Limehouse MDX UK

1827 - Christen: Henry ASHDOWN-5665, West Malling KEN UK

1899 - Birth: Louis STEVENS (Farm Hand) -42447, Farningham KEN UK

1915 - Birth: Sidney J HOWE-9131, 



1937 - Death: Charles CAVAYE (Seed Merchant)-37279, Dover KEN UK

1943 - Death: Edith Rosanna H SMITH-20392, Lidcombe NSW AUSTRALIA

1945 - Death: B S PLUMBER-12320, Altoona PA United States

1983 - Burial: Gladys Lilian ROLFE-23213, Worthing SSX UK

1985 - Death: Gordon Bartlett HOLDOM-11458, 

2001 - Death: Leslie Francis Hooper GILVEAR-36059, Launcester, Tasmainia AUSTRALIA

2005 - Death: Elizabeth CHARTERS (Nurse) -14176, Dowsby LIN UK

Lord, help me dig into the past
and sift the sands of time
That I might find the roots that made
This family tree of mine

Lord, help me trace the ancient roads,
On which my father's trod
And led them through so many lands
To find our present sod.

Lord, help me find an ancient book
Or dusty manuscript,
Thats's safely hidden now away
In some forgotten crypt

Lord, let it bridge the gap that haunts
My soul, when I can't find
The missing link between some name
That ends the same as mine


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