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LFR18 Febuary No 768

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Family Events for today 18th February

1768 - Birth: Anna LAWS-53694,
1780 - Birth: John LAWS (Master Mariner) -124511, Marsham NFK UK
1797 - Will Proved: Richard LAWS (Innkeeper) -29797, Pimlico MDX UK
1813 - Marriage: James LAWS (Reverend) -4686 and Rebecca SPAHR-4687, Ohio Co VA USA
1814 - Marriage: James LAWES-2104 and Sophia SMALL-2105, Headley HAM UK
1832 - Birth: William LAWS (Engine Driver then Grocer) -4107, Ovingham NBL UK
1855 - Birth: Lydia LAWS-119483, Bungay SFK UK
1872 - Marriage: Jerimiah CARNEY-121748 and Mary A LAWS (Servant) -52406, Sunderland                    DUR UK
                                                             Sunderland DUR UK

1873 - Occupation: James LAWS (A B Seaman) -38488,
1885 - Admon: William Withington  LAWS (Cooper)-4678,
1887 - Death: Hosea LAWS-124763, Somerville MA USA
1888 - Marriage: James BLANEY (Miner) -53808 and Ruth LAWS(Spinster)-3808,
1890 - Marriage: James Horatio LAWS (Colour Seargent in Royal Glamorgan Militia) -5514 and                  Sarah Elizabeth MUNRO-120934, Walthamstow ESS UK
1892 - Death: Charlotte LAWS (Spinster) -5635, Stamford LIN UK
1916 - Birth: Charles Bulford LAWS (T5 US Army)-37910,
1918 - Marriage: Ernest LAWS (Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant) -117105 and Ada Mary                        FORSTER-117104, Portsmouth HAM UK
1918 - Admon: John LAWS (Soldier) -7235,
1927 - Birth: James Maxwell LAWS-120647,
1929 - Death: Emily Elizabeth LAWES (Widow) -17951, Strand on the Green MDX UK
1933 - Departure: Albert Leslie (Shipping Agent) LAWES-51756, Greenock RFW UK
1933 - Marriage: James Frederick LAWS (TEC5 US Army) -37925 and Daphna May PEPPLE-                    37926, Brighton, Adams Co CO USA
1936 - Burial: Clarence LAWS (PVT US Army) -37916, Philadelphia PA USA
1938 - Will Proved: Herbert Maurice LAWS (5th Eng / Seaman) -15351,
1944 - Death: William Wilbur LAWS-40947, Los Angeles CA USA
1950 - Birth: Allen Wesley LAWS-46636, Gaston Co NC USA
1951 - Death: James Henry LAWS (Railway Clerk)-5504, Southgate MDX UK
1960 - Death: Archibald Sidney LAWES (Ag Lab)-933, Winchester HAM UK
1960 - Departure: Dennis Micheal LAWS-124461, Southampton HAM UK
1960 - Departure: Penelope Ann LAWS-124460, Southampton HAM UK
1960 - Departure: Bernard William LAWS (Tax Officer) -58199, Southampton HAM UK
1960 - Residence: Archibald Sidney LAWES (Ag Lab)-933, Winchester HAM UK
1971 - Birth: Joseph Kitchener LAWS-119946,
1974 - Death: Ernest Leslie LAWS-124487,
1975 - Birth: Christopher Robert LAWS-40585, TX USA
1979 - Birth: Cyrstal Kay LAWS-40640, TX USA
1987 - Death: Wilbur Francis LAWS-45658, Monticello, San Juan, UT USA
1997 - Birth: Jacob LAWS-42102,
2004 - Burial: Lois LAWS-33785, Tuscola Cemetery IL USA

1852 - Marriage: William John ELL (Accountant's Clerk) -7699 and Mary Elizabeth                                      ROWELL  (Lace Milliner) -7700, Old Street, Finsbury MDX (St Luke)
1857 - Marriage: Joseph HEWER (Shoemaker) 50408 and Grace CHARTERS-50407, 
1885 - Miscellaneous: Sophia PARR-4679, 
1893 - Birth: Bernard CLEETON-44277, Lower Bebington SFK UK
1913 - Birth: William James HAMILTON-30142, QLD AUSTRALIA
1931 - Birth: Dulcie Ivy WALL-3451, 
1938 - Miscellaneous: Margaret Dickson MUIR-54819, 
1951 - Residence: Lilly CHILDS-5505, Whinchmore Hill MDX UK
1960 - Departure: Eileen QUALE-124462, Southampton HAM UK
1985 - Death: Sophia Virgie CRIDER-115393, Carroll Co TN USA
2013 - Death: Margaret Jeanette WORRAL-123138, 

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