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A Child of the Twenties

A suburban childhood of the Twenties 

seen from the Ninteen Nineties

by John Robert Laws 1921-2008


The war had been over three years, the Kaiser's War that is. It was late afternoon on Christmas Eve and the sun had gone down for the day, the gaslight on and the fires lit, but of course I don't remember as I was the early Christmas present for my Mum.

When memory reaches back to it's furthest it is summer, there is a lot of summer in the early years, or so it seems. There are laburnams in flower in the garden and wooden toys with nodding heads, a swan and a rhino to be pulled along on wheels and always the sound of trains with smoke and steam.

Every morning just after ten there was the Flying Scotsman to watch go by and then there was shunting and banging all day and night that one slept soundly through, just as one now sleeps through the noise of the television. The smoke and soot annoyed my mum, but to an infant it was just an interesting smell which came and went, perhaps a little stronger when one climbed the railway fence to get a better veiw. A few missing palings made this easy even for the smallest child.

Over the fence was a narrow strip of unkempt grass often burnt in summer when a spark from a passing locomotive set it alight. at other times an unofficial path for railwaymen, children and burglars. The tracks lay about fifteen feet down from the grass, the land held up by a hefty retaining wall. Lots of tracks, maybe a dozen, with another track on a long bridge crossing them at an acute angle and takings trains from one side to the other without touching the fast line.

The land rose on the other side of the tracks, a steep tall grassy bank with a proper footpath along the top beyond the fence and even seats along the top. In the afternoon sunshine these would be occupied by mums and nannies with prams while the trains amused the vociferous offspring. It was not till later that I explored these distant parts, a sprawl of suburbia from the late nineteenth century broken here and there by parks and sports grounds.

We looked out that way one sunlit evening and saw the majestic airship the R101 floating gently south towards London, France and their appointment in Samarkand.

To be continued tomorrow


Family Events from our database for today March 24

1732 - Marriage: Charles BRENT-9032 and Sarah LAWS-8042, Pauls Wharf MDX (St Benets)
1765 - Death: Jenny LAWES-2443, at her fathers house, Chester le Street DUR UK
1831 - Marriage: James W AYRES-49211 and Emily LAWS-49212, Wilkes Co NC USA
1838 - Birth: Angelica LAWS-119622, Claremont NH United States
1869 - Birth: Henry LAWS (Coal Miner) -4256, Castle Eden Colliery DUR UK
1881 - Birth: Joe Pinkney LAWS (Labourer) -120719, Mitchell Co NC USA
1884 - Death: Juan Francisco LAWS-123770, Rosario ARGENTINA
1894 - Marriage: Ernest Albert LAWS-30065 and Anne Brigadia FRANCIS-30071, Cowra QLD                  Australia
1897 - Will  Proved: Martin LAWS (Farmer /Grocer) -116888, 
1908 - Death: Edward LAWS (Lamp Salesman)- 18539, River Fray MDX
1912 - Birth: Florence Lilian Gemmell LAWS (Teacher) -30024, Alive 1999
1913 - Marriage: Allen LAWS-34261 and Gertie S EARP-34262, 
1914 - Death: Hannah Eleanor LAWS-121634, Hounslow MDX UK
1916 - Discharged: George LAWS (ARMY Private 1245) -94610, 
1918 - Death: Albert E LAWES (ARMY Private 16259) -44899, 
1919 - Arrival: Grace R LAWS-117151, New York NY USA
1921 - Death: Clifton I LAWS-41463, Jefferson Co KY USA
1926 - Birth: Doreen Alfreda Koa LAWS-44301, 
1926 - Birth: John LAWS-4268, Denmark Hill SRY
1928 - Birth: Nita Mary LAWES-125464, Portsmouth HAM UK
              HMS 'Victory' Admiral Lord Nelson's Flagship preserved in Portsmouth Naval Dockyard

1932 - Birth: David LAWES (NAVY AA4 FX 855599 RNAS Lossiemouth) -50831, Havant HAM
1943 - Death: Albert Edward LAWS-116664, Howden ERY
1944 - Death: Agnes Eliza LAWS-48117, Norwich NFK UK
                                                    Norwich Cathedral in Norwich NFK

1944 - Death: Eugene E LAWS (PVT US Army) -37948, 
1948 - Birth: Vickie Dalene LAWS-40250, Reeves Co TX
1950 - Birth: Danny Craig LAWS-123911, Statesville,  Iredell County NC USA
1957 - Birth: Ernest David LAWS-54307, Sunderland DUR UK
                                           Veiw to the sea, Sunderland in County Durham

1961 - Death: Ola LAWS-124706, Burnsville Yancy Co NC United States
1964 - Birth: Antony John LAWES-118780, Hamersmith MDX UK
1964 - Birth: Kenneth Neal LAWS-40458, TX USA
1980 - Birth: Kerri Jane LAWS-3470, 
1984 - Death: William Charles LAWS-115486, Ryde IOW UK
1989 - Birth: Amelia Lorraine LAWES-48075, Harlow ESS (Princess Alexandra Hospital)
1990 - Death: Douglas Earl LAWS-31830, South West Rocks NSW AUSTRALIA
1991 - Death: John Leonard LAWS-42795, Windsor BRK
1993 - Birth: Yasmin Shamie LAWS-40854, TX USA
2003 - Death: Charles Sydney LAWS-42823, On holiday

1784 - Birth: Charlotte STILL-57274, Clowdes SOM
1811 - Baptism: Mary Laws NUNN-22124, Ipswich SFK UK
                                                  St.Nicholas Street, Ipswich Suffolk

1814 - Baptism: Frederick Francis FOX-38922, Luton BDF UK
1830 - Birth: Mary HART-34170, Brandon SFK
1858 - Birth: Benjamin John FULLER (Errand Boy) -35548, Mile End MDX UK
1894 - Death: James KENNEDY-30385, 
1935 - Death: George DOWE-3725, 
1944 - Death: Bernard GULY (Carpenter) -48581, Norwich NFK UK
1958 - Death: John A WOODS-125497,
1960 - Birth: Michael John WOKES-52129, Leeds WRY UK
1995 - Death: James Reginald CANDY-118935, Basingstoke HAM UK
2003 - Death: Doris Lydia GARDNER-3500, Shepparton VIC

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