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From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 8 August

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 8 August

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Born Today 8 Aug


1943 John Edward Lawes


1743 William Laws at Feltwell NFK
1860 David Laws at Gateshead DUR UK
1884  Theodora Laws at Clarendon Jamaica
1889 Augustus Charles Laws (BM1 US Navy)
1892 Eva Irene Laws
1902 John W Laws
1928 Edward John Laws at Thorney CAM UK
1935 Richard John Sinclair Laws (Broadcaster) at Wau, New Guinea
1960 Ronald Earl Laws

MARRIED Today 8 Aug


1824 Elizabeth Laws married Henry House Faires at Norwich NFK UK
1901 John Henry Laws married Lela Mae Slaughter
1918 Nelly Louise Laws married Maurice Albert Roberts at Brighton SSX UK
1948 Albert James Gerald Laws married Evelyn Joyce Coleman

DEATHS Today 8 Aug


1918 Frederick Compton Lawes (Army Private 4th btn Canadian Infantry Central Ontario Regt) Killed in Action
1931 Agnes Emma Lawes at Horsham VIC Australia


1881 Rebecca Laws at Norwich NFK UK
1918 Joseph George Laws (Army Private 44038 Essex Regt) Killed in Action
1926 Fred James Laws
1941 Gertrude Mary Laws at Marylebone MDX UK

1960 Emily Susan Laws at Bendigo VIC Australia
1987 Stanley Roy Laws at Cabramatta NSW Australia

 MISC Today 8 Aug

Born today

1852 William Harrison Glover husband of Esther Elizabeth Laws at Palistine, Anderson TX USA
1887 Jessie Jamison patner of Barton B Laws
1922 Mary Frances wife of Jimmie Laws at Memphis TN USA

Died today

1804 Frances Durham, wife of Jerimiah Laws at Mercer Co KY USA
1922 Elizabeth P Pattison, wife of Henry Laws at St. Catharines, Lincoln Co., ONT Canada
1937 Catherine Ruschill, wife of Edwin D Laws at Crown Point, Lake co IN USA
1952 George William Drummond, husband of Laura Lawes
1880 Elizabeth Bricknell Grossmith, wife of William Thomas Laws at Gaspe ONT Canada
1985 John Frederick Robert Gailey, husband of Olice Agatha Laws at Farmington MI USA
2010 Yvonne Marcia Nicholson, wife of Derek Gordon Laws (Reverend) at Christchurch NZ