Saturday, June 29, 2013

From the LAWS FAMILY REGISTER Database Today 29 June

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Born Today 29 June


1796 Frances Lawes at Down, Hurstbourne HAM
1949 Judith Mary Lawes (Accountant) at Wisbech CAM
1953 Clive Ronald Lawes (Company Director)


1877 Harriet Louisa Laws at Litcham NFK
1904 Anna Lavinia Laws in Hanwell MDX
1906 Elsie Laws in Blyth NBL
1909 Randall Laws
1917 James Arnold Laws in Coxes Creek Yancey Co NC USA
1921 Ivy Hilda Laws
1949 Robert Malcolm James Laws at Birmingham WAR
1952 Jacqueine Ann in TX USA
1965 Angela Gayle Laws in TX USA
1972 Aaron Brian Laws in TX USA
1984 Charod D Veon Laws in TX USA
1987 Adam Donald Laws in Sydney NSW Australia

MARRIED Today 29 June



1871 Demetrius Ypsilanti Laws married to Sarah E Holmes at New York NY USA
1943 Niel Lawrence Laws married to Maria Ivalovitch in Yaroslavl Russia
1963 Jimmy Lee Laws married to Judith Ann Johnson

DEATHS Today 29 June


1944 Harry Frederick John Lawes  (ARMY Trooper 14539897  RAC) in France


1894 Ellen Laws
1898 William Laws at Calton Colville SFK
1903 Charles William Laws at Glebe NSW Australia
1917 Donnie Laws at Bell Co KY USA
1918 Alice Laws
1926 Florence annie Laws in Brisbane QLD Australia
1933 Frederick Laws at Sunderland DUR
1935 Wallace Herbert Laws at Ventnor IOW
1944 Alice Louisa Laws, wife of George Henry Ware, at Southend on Sea ESS
1947 Herbert Frederick Laws at Norwich NFK
1945 Niel Lawrence Laws at Brandenburg German Democratic Republic

MISC Today 29 June

1787 Birth of Rebecca Spahr wife of James Laws (Reverend)
1884 Birth of Florence Elizabeth Downey, wife of Charles Laws, at Maclean NSW Australia